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Eligibility of Facilities, Perks, Perquisites etc. to the Chief Vigilance Officers, Holding Additional Charge - Reg.
Clarification regarding the enquiry/investigation to be Conducted against officers on Deputation
Uploading of Commission Circular's/Guidelines, subsequent to release of Vigilance Manual 2021 - Reg.
Amendment Modification to Para 8.1 of Chapter VIII of 2021 - Vigilance Angle in Public Sector Banks - Reg.
Clarification in Respect of CVC circular No. 03/03/2017 Dated 10/03/2017 (Letter No. CVC/RTI/MISC/16/006) with Regard to Order No. CIC/AD/A/2013/001326SA
Disposal of Old Pending Cases
Guidelines for Dealing with Disagreement between DA & CVC in cases of granting Sanction for Prosecution - Reg.
Purchase of Share by CVOs & other Officials in Vigilance Set Up
Action on CBI Reports - Revised Time Limit for Furnishing Comments to the Commission
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